Hi everyone! We are a 3 piece band from the Czech Republic established in 2003. Our style has been described as classic heavy rock with a fusion of blues, punk and prog in the mix. Last year we released our sixth album titled ‘Any Day Now’ and are working on our seventh.


Ondrej Malina – voice, guitar
Petr Kostur – drums
Vlado Sandala – bass guitar

The Band

We’re a Czech based rock trio playing everything from blues to prog rock, all original. Our music embodies hard rock with a modern crossover and raw on-stage energy. We have recorded six albums so far, with the latest, “Any Day Now,” released last year under the guidance of a renowned Czech producer, Milos Dodo Dolezal. We are currently writing another album with our new drummer Petr Kostur, our long term bassist Vlado Sandala and our frontman and founding member Ondrej Malina. The new album is centered around unique song structures and bold dynamics, and will, of course, feature the strong energy and the wailing guitar solos that the band is renowned for.


The band was formed in 2003 by singer and guitarist Ondrej Malina in a small mining town called Karvina, close to the Czech/Polish border. They took a lot of influence from the local rock and metal scene, however their main inspirations were Jimi Hendrix and Thin Lizzy, and later on bands such as Alice In Chains and Motorhead.

Their music became well established locally after releasing their first three albums there before Ondrej moved to Brno, the second largest Czech city and cultural hub of the Czech Republic. There, he reinvented the band in early 2013 with some new blood and a new sound, and their music took a more modern direction when he met a Slovakian bassist Vlado Sandala. 

After recording another three albums under two different drummers, they met Petr Kostur, and he joined the band in mid 2018, bringing some fresh energy, which is being channeled into a new album currently in the making, that reflects each of the three musicians personal influences and strengths.



Any Day Now (2019)
Join TheVultures (EP, 2015)
Golden States Of Shan (2014)
Castaway (2009)
Karva Karma (2005)
Electric Woman (2003) 





Contact Information

Ondrej Malina
Mobile: +420 739 452 232
Email: info@andymarshallband.com