Join The Vultures (EP, 2015)



01. Feathers And Knives
02. Join The Vultures
03. Another Rockstar
04. Red Mercury
05. She Keeps Messing With My Head

This EP was recorded during the summer of 2015 at Reset Studios and released in October the same year. Five songs only – this album was our first with our new drummer Peter.

Golden States Of Shan (2014)


01. Who Is Our Master
02. Golden States Of Shan
03. Under The Cypress Moon
04. Just Lie
05. Rolling Joints In Everglades
06. World, You Gotta Save Me
07. Rise N Fall
08. Cruisin’
09. Spacedirt

The band was not too active between 2010-2012, but in March 2012 we started writing again in Brno and recorded the album at Reset Studios. We released it in May 2014.

Castaway (2009)


01. Wannabe Star
02. Castaway
03. Black Butterfly
04. Man In The Middle Of The World
05. Real Ballerina
06. Self Hater
07. Negative Types
08. Until Death Do Us Part
09. Never
10. In The Other Cycle
11. Unborn Child
12. World For Sale

Castaway was also recorded at Hacienda Studios, but with Michal Z on drums and Milos Dolezal Jr. on bass. The sound changed for this album with a grungey feel and heavier basslines, the title track is still featured in most gigs.

Karva Karma (2005)


01. Lamentation
02. Electric Woman
03. We Angels Fall
04. Keep On Trying
05. Everything’s Gone
06. Colours Of Rainbow
07. Midnight Drive
08. She Drives Me Crazy
09. Get Out
10. Sleeping Storm
11. Stratosphere
12. Dej si dvacet
13. Seven To Five

This album was recorded at the very stylish Hacienda Studios. We had fun mixing this album, and trying new effects, we found the studio very inspiring.

Electric Woman (2003)


01. Electric Woman
02. Lost Day
03. Could This Ever Be Truth
04. You Drink My Wine
05. French Kiss
06. Broken Heart
07. Burned By The Midnight
08. Sleeping Storm
09. Get Out
10. Desire
11. Ain’t She Sweet
12. All You People
13. Stop Burning Me

Our very first recording experience at Barbarella Studios in Ostrava. Pure analogue work gives it a different sound to the rest of the albums.