The Band

The AM Band is a hard rock trio from Czech Republic, Europe. Founded by guitarist and singer Ondrej Malina in 2000 in Karvina. We are currently located in Brno. Our music embodies classic rock with a modern crossover and raw on-stage energy. We have released five albums – “Electric Woman” (2003), “Karva Karma” (2005), “Castaway” (2009), “Golden States Of Shan” (2014) and “Join The Vultures” (EP, 2015), and are currently recording our 6th, due to be released in spring 2018. We also released our first music video ‘Who Is Our Master’ in 2014.

Ondrej Malina

Ondrej Malina (guitar, vocals)

Ondrej is the heart and soul of the band. He started this musical trip back in 2000 and is still pushing the wagon uphill. Singer, guitarist, songwriter.

Vlado Sandala

Vlado Sandala (bass guitar, backing vocals)

Vlado is aiming to be the president of Slovakia one day, but before he reaches the right age, he’s playing bass with us and singing backup. He joined the band in 2012.

Peter Dupej

Peter Dupej (drums)

The newest and youngest member of AMB. Peter has been playing with us since mid 2014. Both a ladies man and hellraiser on tour – he generally enjoys the lifestyle.



Dan Jan (drums)

Dan was playing with the band between 2012-2014 and recorded the Golden States Of Shan album . He’s also featured in the ‘Who Is Our Master’ music video.

Michal Zvonicek

Michal Zvonicek (drums)

Michal played with us from 2007-2012 and recorded the Castaway album. He’s currently playing with the band Vorezpruti.

Milos Dolezal JR

Milos Dolezal JR (bass guitar)

Milos recorded most of the bass tracks on the Castaway album and played with us on several occasions in 2009. He’s currently working as a studio musician.

Milan Malina

Milan Malina (bass guitar, guitar, backing vocals)

Milan co-founded the band in 2000 as a bass player, he recorded Electric Woman and Karva Karma with us. He still joins the band for occasional gigs as a guest guitarist. His current band is Messalina.

Josef Balazs

Josef Balazs (drums)

Josef co-founded the band and played with us from 2000-2007, also known as ‘Shaman’. He recorded drums on Electric Woman and Karva Karma.